Be Ever Vigilant.

Since the Florida School Shooting our Second Amendment Rights will be under attack at the Federal and State levels.


The Las Cruces City Council passed Resolution No. 18-158: A resolution to Better Ensure the Safety of Students in Las Cruces Schools, on 6/18/2018. 

Click Here to see the full text of the resolution.

The resolution contains very little to nothing pertaining to School Safety.  It's sole purpose is to support the New Mexico Legislature in the passing of onerous restrictions and background checks on the law abiding citizens of New Mexico in the hope that it will prevent an act of gun violence being perpetrated on the children and school administrators of New Mexico.

There actions are only feel good rhetoric.  They provide no facts that stricter background checks will prevent any firearm related violence.  They want the law abiding citizens to fork over $$.$$ for the privilege of purchasing a firearm that the 2nd Amendment says that you have the right to own.

These comments are from Jim Groves, Webmaster.

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