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S. A. F. E.
Riclin Firearms Training


Active Shooter Class for
Concealed Handgun Carriers

November 16, 2019 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Butterfield Trail Shooting Range - I-10, Exit 127

Learn what you can do, as a concealed
handgun carrier, in an active shooter situation.

This scenario based class will begin by discussing options
for responding to an active shooter (Run, Hide, Fight). Is there more?
And the answer isn’t as simple as you think. The class
is based on the assumption that you’ve decided to Fight.

We’ll start with drills to improve your handgun accuracy. Then we’ll work through
several scenarios that will really make you think about the best way to respond.
The scenarios will include a lot of discussion on how best to deal with each scenario.

Our goal is to provide you with some tools and experiences that will improve your
confidence and better enable you to deal with an active shooter – whenever or wherever that day might be.

You’ll be doing this class in your everyday carry gear.
You’ll need approximately 200 rounds of ammo and eye and ear protection.

Fee for the class is $100 - $50 deposit required. Lunch will be provided.
To register, or for more information, contact

Coralie at or call 575.644.1692
Richard at or call 575.430.3040.



S.A.F.E. & Riclin Firearms Training
Defensive night shoot

Richard Barbaras - Coralie Carrier, Instructors

Saturday – Nov. 23, 2019
6:00 PM until approximately 9:00 PM
Butterfield Trail Shooting Range (I-10 west,
Exit 127 – Corralitos Exit)

This will be a different sort of night class. You will learn
to use a flashlight with your handgun at night, as well as
shooting at night without a light
We are adding three scenarios to this class, including
one in a movie theater, one dealing with an animal attack
and a parking lot ambush. These have been designed to
be as realistic as possible so don’t miss it!
We will probably add a rifle scenario too so throw in your
AR-15 and one box of ammo!
This class for advanced students only.
Concealed Carry training or other advanced
training required.

Cost for the class will be $65

You will need a center fire handgun, a holster,
extra magazines or speed loaders, a flashlight
that you can operate one handed, and approximately
200 rounds of ammunition but bring more just in case


To sign up, or to get more information, contact:

                                                                  Coralie at (575) 644-1692
                                                                Richard at (575) 430-3040

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